Technical Support Case Statuses



During the Case Management workflow, there are several statuses that the Case will go through prior to closure.

Status Definitions:

New - When a Case is first submitted, regardless of who and where it was submitted from, it will be in the New status. This indicates that the incoming Case submission will need to be acknowledged, and the First Response Milestone will start counting down from this point onwards, until the first customer-facing response is made.

Work in Progress - When the first customer-facing update is made, the Case status will transition to Work in Progress. A Case in the Work in Progress status indicates that there is investigation or action pending on Armory's end.

Pending Customer - A Case in the Pending Customer status indicates that we are awaiting additional information or response from the Customer. 

Customer Replied - When a customer responds back to a Case, the status will transition to the Customer Replied status. This is an indicator for Armory Support that we need to acknowledge the customer reply and prepare to take further action on our end. 

Solution Proposed - When Armory believes that a solution or permanent workaround has been identified for the issue at hand, we will propose a solution, where it is up to the customer whether the solution provided is something that can be accepted or rejected. There will be an Accept Solution and Reject Solution button, where Accept Solution will close the Case, and Reject Solution will notify the Case Owner, and set the status back to Work in Progress. 

Blocked - The case will enter the Blocked status when we determine that the Case is blocked by a Bug, or any other kind of Blocker where we cannot progress the Case anymore. If a customer responds to a Case in the 'Blocked' status, it will go back to 'Customer Replied' and show up on our radar, so we can ensure that we respond to the question.

Closed - The Case will enter the Closed status when the customer believes the issue has been resolved, or if Armory believes the Case is inconclusive and there is mutual agreement to bring the Case to closure. A Closed case cannot be reopened, BUT a Repeat Case can be opened from a Closed case.